Check out the big brain

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By , February 1, 2011 16:16
Roberto (Italy?), 05.07.2006:

«hi, so you are the creator of supaplex! i grown with that game, i started playing whit it probably when i was 10, about in 1995 or even before! i always thought that it was a great game, because you really need to use your brain, and also a lot! i first completed it in 1998 when i was 13, skipping 3 levels (71 – head hunter -> TOO hard for being almost at half game. 97 – good job -> a little boring caching the infotrons at the beginning. 110 – i do not remember the name -> absolutely the hardest in the game, imho) and with the time of about 24 hours. i immediately started it again, and finished it in 5 hours and some minutes, completing this time ALL the levels! i was so proud of it, and now i still boast myself with my friends! all this thanks to you! thanks for creating such a wonderful game! […] now i am a student in informatic engineering and i started with my friends a supalex-like project, also if we still are at concepts, i am already happy and i want to thank you again! supaplex is the best! bye!
yours Roberto»


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By , February 1, 2011 16:10
Gerard (Netherlands), 06.02.2005:

«You must be getting tons of e-mail about this subject. I wanted to say is that I am only 22 and Supaplex is already nostalgic stuff for me. I’ve played it back in the nineties and recently I finished all the 111 levels again. Now I am making my own puzzles and I even read stories about other people’s experiences with the game.

I’ve read that back in 1991 you had the idea of making a sequel of the game. I was wondering why this never became reality and if there is a chance people still could have a go at the 20 new levels you created.

Well, there are a many more things I’d like to ask you (did you make a lot of money with the game and what has become of your fellow-programmers), but you probably don’t have time to answer every question, so I hope you can find time to respond to the contents of this mail.

Thanks ( for making Supaplex a part of my life 😉 )»

Graduation vs. Supaplex

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By , February 1, 2011 16:06
Robert (Estonia), 14.10.2004:

«Firstly, let me thank you for an admirable SUPAPLEX 🙂 I have to admit that I had to stop at ~80 level at my University time because it started to have bad influence on my studies and later it was hard to find a suitable computer for the game.»

Decently puzzled

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By , February 1, 2011 16:03
Pieter (Netherlands), 18.12.2001:

«If my web search did well then you are the authors of what is now the great classic game Supaplex. I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job. I’ve been a boulder dash fan for a long time, and a while ago I’ve searched the web for any and all clones I could find; Supaplex is the only one that offers decent puzzles in addition to the arcade action.»

One laptop down

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By , January 15, 2011 17:45
Colin (?), 29.12.2000:

«just want to tell you, supaplex is the best game i’ve ever played
after all the games i’ve been playing for the last 15 years on all kinds of systems i find this one the best
level “don’t wast em” cost me my laptop 6 years ago but i started playing it 2 days ago and finished it almost straight.
after finishing i wanted to know who the evil genius behind this game was and i found you.
thanks for the game pleasure»

Mother – she isn’t quite herself today…

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By , January 15, 2011 17:43
Paul (UK), 23.04.2000:

«Please can you help me! my mother is a MAD supaplex fan, she has been playing the original amiga version for year’s and has just managed to complete it, now she is DESPERATE for some new levels to play.

The problem is i cant find any new levels on the internet for the Amiga version, all i can find is PC levels.

PLEASE could you e-mail me and tell me where i could find some new add-on levels for the Amiga version.»

Group play

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By , January 15, 2011 17:37
Tomer (Israel), 13.08.2000:

«Supaplex was, maybe with the exception of Digger, the single most popular game in Israel in the early PC days (IBM PC and compatibles were only beginning to gain popularity here around 1989). It was so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to find anyone who has ever used a computer and who hasn’t played it.

[…] People here often bragged about where they managed to reach in Supaplex (most of them getting stuck around level 60 and the best managed to reach the hundred-ish levels), and playing it in groups was not uncommon.»


Don’t tell my boss

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By , January 10, 2011 15:39
Mik (Denmark), 29.12.1997:

«One of my friends had an AMIGA for about 2 years ago.
One of the games installed was, You guesses it, Supaplex. This game gave me such a thrill, that I had to play it, even at my job.»

Those funny shapes

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By , January 10, 2011 15:38
Ozan (Turkey), 12.10.1997:

«Well, I don’t know what to tell you, let me introduce myself first.

I’m Ozan from Turkey. My father and I are two Supaplex-Fans. Let me tell you, I believe that Supaplex is the only real-time game that my father likes.

I clearly remember the day me and my father played “Warm Up” for the first time. We found out that when you go over those funny shapes, they make a funny sound and disappear. It was a good coincidence that when I had seen the big orange box with an “E” on it, I had all the infotrons. Then I touched the exit. That was my first Supaplex adventure.

I must admit that the levels you’ve made are superb. They are neither too easy, no impossible. That’s what I don’t like about user-made levels. They are incredibly hard, but hard meaning you have to be quick.»

The Supaplex Therapy

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By , January 10, 2011 15:34
Peter (USA?), 12.02.1997:

«Just dropped in on your home page to “visit” with one of the creators of Supaplex.

I’m writing to ask whether you and/or Philip still play the game (particularly the new levels on Maarten’s pages); and I wonder what you think of the curious post-commercial “afterlife” that the game has taken on.

Also, did you ever give any thought to adding any of your own new levels to Maarten’s collections. Doing so might be like a celebrity re-appearance after all these years, so to speak.

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