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By , February 1, 2011 16:10
Gerard (Netherlands), 06.02.2005:

«You must be getting tons of e-mail about this subject. I wanted to say is that I am only 22 and Supaplex is already nostalgic stuff for me. I’ve played it back in the nineties and recently I finished all the 111 levels again. Now I am making my own puzzles and I even read stories about other people’s experiences with the game.

I’ve read that back in 1991 you had the idea of making a sequel of the game. I was wondering why this never became reality and if there is a chance people still could have a go at the 20 new levels you created.

Well, there are a many more things I’d like to ask you (did you make a lot of money with the game and what has become of your fellow-programmers), but you probably don’t have time to answer every question, so I hope you can find time to respond to the contents of this mail.

Thanks ( for making Supaplex a part of my life 😉 )»

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