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Hi fellow Plexers!

This site is run by the creators of the original version of Supaplex (released in 1991 for Amiga). Digital Integration, the company that bought and distributed Supaplex, has gone out of business a long time ago. That’s why we boldly claim, that this is the only «official» Supaplex website.

When we created it, we couldn’t imagine that almost 30 years later people from all over the world would still be playing, discussing or even programming new versions of Supaplex for new platforms. Or that you could spend hours watching other people solve levels on YouTube. But of course we also couldn’t really imagine the Internet back then and how it would change our life. But it’s exactly thanks to the Internet that people can contact us now and tell us, how they first came to play Supaplex, how they enjoyed it and what role it played in their life (at least at a certain stage of it). For many people, this has become a multi-generation experience by now. First they played with their parents and now with their children.

All of us, who at some point enjoyed playing Supaplex, are therefore in a sense the «Children of Supaplex» (or grand children for that matter…). On this website, we’d like to share some of the stories people have told us over the years. This is really about the personal and emotional stories, not about technical details, solutions to individual levels or installation support…

If you have your own untold Supaplex story that you would like to share with others, why not become a Child of Supaplex yourself? All the stories will be anonymized to respect your privacy.

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