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Complexly beautiful labyrinths

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By , February 1, 2011 16:29
Sadegh (Iran), 05.01.2011:

«Hey man
I dont know if this email is ever gonna reach you, but hell, its worth a try…

When I was a high school kid, there was only one thing that amused me in the whole world, a computer! and at that time, there was one masterpiece that always took my breath away, Supaplex! I remember that I always wanted to see who has thought of such complexly beautiful ideas, these labyrinths, who is the mind behind all this beauty. And now, I found you on the internet, Michael Stopp, A name I used to repeat at least once a day at that time…

I hope you are fine, and I hope you see this, to know that your simple school hobby actually has formed the minds and history of many. I hope that I can talk to you one day, cause that would be more like a dream. So please, let me know if you are reading this email. It means alot to me.»

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