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By , January 10, 2011 15:34
Peter (USA?), 12.02.1997:

«Just dropped in on your home page to “visit” with one of the creators of Supaplex.

I’m writing to ask whether you and/or Philip still play the game (particularly the new levels on Maarten’s pages); and I wonder what you think of the curious post-commercial “afterlife” that the game has taken on.

Also, did you ever give any thought to adding any of your own new levels to Maarten’s collections. Doing so might be like a celebrity re-appearance after all these years, so to speak.

I still love your wonderful game; and I’m sad it didn’t make you all rich.


I had a small stroke when I was a child which weakened the right side of my body, including, of course, my right hand.

Fortunately, I was left handed to begin with; but when I came to play Supaplex about two years ago; I had to really practice to get the old right hand up to speed. It’s particularly troubling in the gravity levels with their fast moves. But, I’ve managed to overcome most of the complications through sheer practice and repetition (how do we find the time?)

Anyway, be pleased to know your game is alive and well and that it has given so much pleasure to so many people.»

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