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Check out the big brain

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By , February 1, 2011 16:16
Roberto (Italy?), 05.07.2006:

«hi, so you are the creator of supaplex! i grown with that game, i started playing whit it probably when i was 10, about in 1995 or even before! i always thought that it was a great game, because you really need to use your brain, and also a lot! i first completed it in 1998 when i was 13, skipping 3 levels (71 – head hunter -> TOO hard for being almost at half game. 97 – good job -> a little boring caching the infotrons at the beginning. 110 – i do not remember the name -> absolutely the hardest in the game, imho) and with the time of about 24 hours. i immediately started it again, and finished it in 5 hours and some minutes, completing this time ALL the levels! i was so proud of it, and now i still boast myself with my friends! all this thanks to you! thanks for creating such a wonderful game! […] now i am a student in informatic engineering and i started with my friends a supalex-like project, also if we still are at concepts, i am already happy and i want to thank you again! supaplex is the best! bye!
yours Roberto»

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