The FBI didn’t mind

By , January 8, 2011 17:06
Mark (USA), 20.10.1995:

«Well, I have finally found you…Thank the Lord for the Internet.

About two years ago a friend of mine gave me some games he found on a BBS in the U.S.   I liked several of them, but noticed the copyright notices and realized that this was commercial software and should not be avaible on bulletin boards. Violation of Federal laws and my personal honesty, (thats right, it is still common) made me contact the Software Publishers Association, the Piracy Police (NOT George Orwells “Big Brother” that was the government) and let them know what I had.

Yup, you guessed it, the BBS was Rusty and Edie’s, which was under FBI
investigation for copyright piracy.

The SPA told me that they could only identify “Daughter of Serpents”, which I removed from my computer until a year later it came on the market in America.  I was unable to find out anything about Supaplex though.  The SPA said as they had no record of the makers that I could keep playing, but keep an eye out to pick up a license if I could.

I have been trying for over three years to fine who you all were so I could purchase a strictly legal copy, not a code cracked copy from a criminal bulletin board.

BTW Rusty and Edie are rumored to be in Europe now, and are under indict ment or have skipped out on justice or were punished or are free on bail, depending on which sources you look at.  Of course we are not high enough in the FBI or Justice Department to get any more than the rumors that were running around, probably some truth in them but not much.

I really like your game, and need to get a license for myself, and have friends who need licenses.  Where do I get a legal copy, and how much will it set me back ?

Thank you for enriching the lives of middle class american computer nuts and freaks (that means we do know more than how to turn them on.)»

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  1. Murphy says:

    If everybody had been as honest as him, I’d be writing this from my private yacht… 😉

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