Supaplex Cake

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By , January 6, 2020 17:57
Daniel (Urugay), 27.12.2019

«First of all, thanks for making this amazing game.

I been reading some stories in the official website. Actually an anonymous Internet traveller suggested me this page after I went on typing without thinking while remembering the game.

I sent you a picture I already have online. This was 16 years ago, I was 12 years old and had finally beat all 111 levels of Supaplex. I was ecstatic. Mom made me a cake and we celebrated with my brother and a friend. Took me two years to beat the game.

I remember showing this game to friends and family, I remember the joy of making the level “Run for your life” completely black. I also remember making my own “levels” on paper, using a pencil and a little of imagination. Truly loved the game. It was years later, 2011 that I found out about level editors and newer versions of the game, I was so thrilled, I was finally making my own levels while remembering and replaying the game. Sadly, that very same day my cat died, I was devastated, felt really bad for days. What was worst, I felt like I didn’t want anything to do with the game again, I don’t know, just felt that way. Years went on. I feel better now, with melancholy I remember that sad moment, but at the same time the fun I had playing that challenging and amazing game, all the time I invested on it. How much time passed. I think I am ready for some more Supaplex. Looks like there are so many new levels! This game is immortal!

Ah, thanks for taking your time reading. I have as you can imagine so many diferent emotions and fragments of life linked to this game. I am truly grateful for being able to play it so early on. It definetly became a part of me.»

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